Cherry Bounce

A 200 year American Tradition

Cherry Bounce is a liqueur with a foot in the dessert wine world. Based on Martha Washington's historic recipe, it is named for the agitation or "bouncing" that happens as the liqueur rests. Made with ridiculously fresh Montmorency tart pie cherries from Eastern Washington, the fruit spends less than 12 hours off the tree before it's in the bottle. Much like a dessert wine, Bounce gets more complex as it gets older, taking on a rosy amber hue, and developing notes of sherry, raisin, port, maple, cinnamon and caramel. The current vintage is a blend of 2012-2013 cherries.

We are proud to be the only distillery in the world making authentic Cherry Bounce.

  • Availability: Year Round
  • Tasting Room Price: $40 total, including tax
  • 27% ABV, 375ml and 50ml available
Cherry Kir