Quince Brandy

Calvados-style brandy made with local Quince

Quince (rhymes with 'hints') is an heirloom fruit related to apples and pears. It fell out of fashion with Americans in the last 50 years or so due to the fact that it has to be cooked for 1-2 hours before becoming edible.

This brandy is made locally grown quince from Guemes Island in Washington State, from one of the only remaining quince farms in existence in the Pacific Northwest. The clear, distilled quince eau de vie that comes off the still is rich and fragrant, with the aroma of apples, pears and roses. The distillate is then aged in recoopered red wine barrels from Oregon (barrels that have been sanded and re-charred) for two years. The end result is an oaky, fragrant, fruity brandy with just a hit of tannic dryness from the residual red wine tannins deep in the barrel staves.

Our brandy was an experimental limited run. We only bottled about 50 cases. Although we might make more in the future, it would be two or more years to produce. So if you like brandy and you like quince, get it before it's gone.

Full disclosure: this is the owner's favorite product that we've ever produced.

  • Availability: Year Round until sold out
  • Tasting Room Price: $50 total, including tax
  • 50% ABV, 375ml available
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